Ameri双语阅读:关于美国的7个谣言ca is the land of the free, home of the brave... the white picket fences, the 2.5 kids in every "modern family." Or so we've been led to believe.


In honor of the Fourth of July and tbittinghe celebration of our independence from a country that taxed us without representation, we look at some o印特尔f the ridiculous myths and outright lies that have people entirely misled about the United States. From Jackie Robinson to who really discovered America, these are the true stories about our history...

为了庆祝7月雕哥查约4号东游到武之憨豆的假日,这个标志着咱们从另一个国家的克扣中解放出来的日子,咱们审视了一些关于美国的荒唐传说及谎话,这些东西误导着人们对美国的观点。从黑人球员Jackie Robinson到航海家哥伦布,咱们现在来将谣言逐个击破吧!

Myth 1: America Is A Democracy


In the current age, America and democracy are synonymous. Little do most Americans know they don't actually live in a democracy. America was actually founded as a Constitutional Republic, as stated in the Constitution and the Pledge of Allegiance. In an Economist ranking of the world's democratic countries in 2006, America didn't even crack the top 10.


Myth 2: The Founding Fathers Were Christian


This is both true and false. A large number of the Founding Fathers were associated with various sects of the Christian church, like Protestantism and Lutheranism. However, many still openly opposed organized religion. Thomas Jefferson practiced Deism, which contends that reason and observation of the natural world are enough to determine the universe has a creator without the need for 双语阅读:关于美国的7个谣言organized religion.

这句话半对半错。美国的开国者之中有一大批从属于基督教会的不同分支,如新教、路德教。但是哈希米娅,也有很多人公然反对有安排的宗教。Thomas Jefferson就信仰天然神教,该教的建议是:天然国际的推理和调查足以阐明国际存在着创始者,并不需要经过安排教会来证明这一点。

Myth 3: Thanksgiving


While it's true that the occasion we now know as Thanksgiving first occurred between Pilgrims and nearby Indians, it originally was three days long and served to salute the annual harvest. (Imagine our modern version of stuffin浙江金质丽化工有限公司g and turkeys for three days.) For the Pilgrims, Tha变压器外壳nksgiving was intended to be a religious holiday of fasting and prayer, but only turned to a feast after the rains came during one such period in 1623.


Myth 4: The Native Americans were Savages


Hollywood has certainly popularized the image of bru双语阅读:关于美国的7个谣言tes dressed in feather刘雨维s and buffalo leather, aiming to harm a good-ole tobacco spitting co美妹视频直播wboy, but the truth of the matter is a bit more complex.


In the book "A People's History of the United States," author Howard Zinn quotes Christopher Columbus's first impressions of the Indians, saying "They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for 血色归途I showed them梳齿鳚 a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselv双语阅读:关于美国的7个谣言es out of ignhi文orance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane.... They would make fine servants.... With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want."

在《美国人民的前史》一书中,作者Howard 钟二郎吃鬼Zinn引用了哥伦布登上美洲大陆后对印第安人的第一印象,他是这么说的:“他们没有兵器,也不知何为兵器——我把剑拿给他们看,他们竟然用手去抓剑刃,把自己给弄伤了。他们没有铁器。他们的矛是用藤条做的...他们能够做不错的家丁...咱们五十个人就能彻底降服他们,想让他们做什么就做什么。”

Myth 5: It's A Free Country


There is a general belief that we can walk anywhere, rest anywhere or do whatever we need to do to survive. Tell that新12j01 to the homeless. Although courts struck down laws against vagrancy years ago, sleeping on老槐树蜂胶 the streets or in pub双语阅读:关于美国的7个谣言lic parks is still illegal, as is hitchhiking, panhandling and other "freebies" broke people need to survive.


And there are countless laws and ordinances designed to give police officers probable cause to violate our freedoms. In June 2011, a woman in Rochester, New York was arrested simply for filming a traffic stop from her front lawn, proving that we aren't free — even if we stay in our yards.


Myth 6: The Federal Reserve Is U.S. Owned & Operated


The Fed conducts the nation's monetary policy, but faces no regulation from the government aside from the appointment of its President and Board of Governors. Otherwise, the central bank can do what it pleases.


Recent proof comes direct from former Chairman Alan Greenspan, who stated point blank that the U.S. Government cannot do anything to influence the Fed's policy. And, more recently, according血污之骨 to Bloomberg News, the bank refused "to disclose the recipients of more than $2 trillion of emergency loans from [the bailout] and the assets the central bank is accepting as collateral."


Myth 7: The Bushes Are Texan


Despite deep ties to the Texas oil business, including failed ventures from G.W., the roots of the Bush family are about as Texan as, say, Connecticut. The Bush's are a northeast elite banking family, whose lineage extends back to the British crown. W's gran双语阅读:关于美国的7个谣言dfather Prescott Bush was a member of Yale's elite Skull and Bones secret society, as were Bush, Sr. and W. himself. Prescott went on to unfathomable Wall Street riches and infamy, after he was tried and charged with money laundering for the Nazis during WWII.